Cancellation Policy –

As we are a small hotel, late cancellations and no-shows really affect our business, therefore our deposit and cancellation policy is as follows:

  • We require full payment charged to your credit card upon booking.
  • We will automatically cancel any reservation for which we do not receive either a valid credit card or notification of payment within 2 days.
  • More than 30 days’ notice – full refund less $50.00 administration fee
  • 14 days or less notice – loss of payment.

Pet Policy –  

  • Some pets are welcome
  • NO CATS. $50 pet fee per pet, per night. Please call for pet authorization for any pet other than a dog. If your pet shows aggression to any of our chickens, dogs, guests or owners; you and your pets will be escorted from the property immediately. Pets must NEVER be left alone in guest rooms.
  • $75 Daily pet sitting fee if needed

Detailed Rules –  

The following rules and regulations are strongly enforced at all times to help us maintain a safe and legal environment. Any violation of the rules will result in your entire party’s immediate removal from the property and/or FINE and you will not be allowed to return to the property.
I verify that all information submitted to Lofty Living is factual. I agree to hold Lofty Living harmless for, but not limited to, any results, effects, issues, side-effects, litigation whether civil or criminal arising out of the consumption, usage, storage and transportation of cannabis. I also agree to hold Lofty Living harmless for any damage or theft to myself or my property.
Guest Agrees to the following:
_____ 1. Enter the premises only if you are 21 years of age or older with proper identification on your person ($250 fine)
_____2. I will not bring any guests who are under the age of 21 to the property ($250 fine)
_____3. If I do bring a guest, they must show identification showing their age is at least 21 years old. ($250 fine)
_____4. I will only use cannabis in the smoke room and back yard of property and out of view of the public. ($250 fine)
_____5. I understand that it is a violation of federal, state and local law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence or impaired by cannabis. If you are or believe you may be intoxicated or impaired and need transportation, you will contact an employee or manager of Lofty Living to arrange transportation.
_____6. I understand it's a felony to give or share retail cannabis with someone younger than 21 years old. This includes family members and friends. ($500 fine and entire party’s removal from property)
_____7. If I am going smoke tobacco, I will only do it at the Wood Fire-Pit. (This includes Spliffs and Blunts) I will dispose of ALL butts properly in the provided butt cans, not on the ground or in the fire pit. ($250 fine)
_____8. I understand I will be charged for any damage caused by me, my guests or any member of my party during my stay at Lofty Living. ($Cost of Damage)
_____9. It's illegal to leave Colorado with any cannabis products. Additionally, Denver International Airport has banned the possession of cannabis products on its property. Please do not ask us for advice for transporting Cannabis.
_____10. No trash in the toilets including flushable wipes (trash and wet wipes plug our septic system) ($250 fine)
_____11. No bleach down the drains, including laundry ($250 fine)
_____12. No smoking in rooms or in the hot tub. If you must use a lighter or torch to smoke it, you must be in the cannabis smoking room or outside areas (other than the hot tub). ($250 fine)
_____13. I will only wear swimwear in the hot tub, no clothes including shorts, t-shirts, exercise clothing. ($100 fine)
_____14. I will shower before I use the hot tub. ($100 fine)
_____15. I understand that I am staying in a conservative residential area and will be respectful of all neighbors of Lofty Living (for example I will wear appropriate attire when going outdoors, I will be mindful of noise, stereos etc.)
_____16. When you enter Lofty Living Bud and Breakfast, you understand there are cameras and recording devices in the shared areas excluding the bathrooms and bedrooms. When you enter a common area photography, audio, and video recording may occur by our security system cameras. By entering the premises, you understand: photography, audio recording, video recording occurs for security reasons.
_____17. Late check out is available; it is $25/hour for each hour after 11am. ($25/per hour)